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Mega trades

With the season well under way, trades are now coming fast and fury. Don't miss any of them and jump to the transaction page. What trade will you make next?

Will Belanger still hold the record with the most amount of career trades once the season end? Give him a run for his money and go send some offers.


Latest Champions

Season Name Pool Points
2015-2016 Mat Beland 1483.5
2014-2015 Benoit Seguin 1469.0
2013-2014 Mike Beaudin 1,446.5
2012-2013 Mike Beaudin 769.5
2011-2012 Mike Beaudin 1,310.0
2010-2011 Benoit Seguin 1,287.0

Loser Champions

Season Name Pool Points
2015-2016 Roger Pettit 961
2014-2015 Deric Blondin 1156.0
2013-2014 Mat Beland 1159.0
2012-2013 Mat Beland 614.5
2011-2012 Kevin Cleroux 973.5
2010-2011 Kevin Cleroux 1084.0